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Welcome to Homeopathy For You.
My name is Keith Avedissian and let my experience of nearly 30 years as a homeopath in Sydney's CBD and Forestville be part of bringing you and your family’s health back to what it should be.



On this site, you will find details about what I do in my clinic and how homeopathy and counselling can support you. IMAGINE HOW GREAT YOU WILL FEEL… when you take the steps to do something to get your health back on track again.

Do any of these situations apply to you?
• Are you sick and tired of feeling under par, always feeling run down and not getting the most out of life?
• Do you have a PHYSICAL AILMENT that troubles you? Maybe you know what it is. Maybe you don't. Maybe you've seen a doctor, specialist or therapist and there's nothing much more they can do about it. Or your condition just keeps coming back.
• Do you have something troubling you that is EMOTIONAL or are you having strong negative feelings that just don't seem to go away?
Well you see this is where I can help you.


Just call or contact me now to have a chat or to arrange an appointment to see me at either of my clinics in Sydney CBD or Forestville to start this happening.

Our Work
We believe the best way to know about homeopathy is to TRY it.


Clinics at:

9th Floor, 60 Pitt Street, Sydney

34 Epacris Avenue, Forestville

Contact Ph: 0412 231 332